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Teacher: Narciso Argüelles
Statement: Statement: The Robert College Art Department is proud to have such wonderfully dedicated and inquisitive students. Our goal is to foster an interest in art making with a historical and cultural context. Along with a foundation of the art elements and design principles, we teach a variety of media both in traditional classes and extracurricular clubs. The students involved in this exhibit are from the Street Art Club, whose goal is to engage the community.

Robert College is the oldest continually-running American educational institution founded outside the United States. RC’s over 1000 students come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds thanks to our residential program and our need-based scholarships. Robert College is a private high school operated under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ministry of Education and accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools.
The strong curriculum, which includes a wide range of AP classes, helps prepare students in the best way possible to continue their studies at university in Turkey and abroad. RC’s curriculum is bilingual, with many courses in English and some courses in Turkish.

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