Without Borders/Without Fear
Curatorial Statement:

Teachers around the World were working hard to help their students during the height of the pandemic. Art classes specifically had their own issues around access to materials and studio space. As a teacher at Robert College in Istanbul, I was no different. Late December 2020, while searching for ways to engage my students, specifically my Street Art Club, the idea of collaboration with other high schools came to me. Other teachers must have the same challenges that I was dealing with. The theme of “Without Borders” references the idea that the highs schools will be from around the world. The “Without Fear” references the struggles of the students as they deal with isolation and health concerns.

Lynwood High School from California in the US came into the project, through my friendship with Luis Vega. Luis and I know each from working as AP Art and Design Exam Readers (Graders). Lynwood High school is in the Los Angeles area and serves a diverse student body. I felt they would be a good fit because of their location and the population they serve.

The Bishop Strachan School, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, came to us through other projects that we were developing with them through Rima Berro-Oliver’s office at Robert College. Their teacher, Paul Toth, has been a fun person to work with and brought some good ideas on how to handle the virtual portion of the exhibit.

The first iteration of the exhibit will be online. It was the best way we could find to collaborate and present the exhibit during the Summer of 2021. Our ultimate goal is to have a physical exhibit in the USA in Summer 2022. We have the gallery in place and will announce it during the 2021-22 school year as we continue to work together.

Thank you,
Narciso Argüelles,
Teacher and Curator
Robert College